2018 - The Year of the Dog

The Chinese New Year just began. It is the year of the dog. Motor City Tai Chi extends warm wishes for a successful and prosperous year!
Students at Motor City Tai Chi continue to enjoy the fun and challenging training. The addition of an extra class for weapons training was a big hit.
The Spear is traditionally the first weapon students are introduced to. The Spear form teaches twisting and suppleness and allows us to practice extending energy outside the body. It adds to improvement to focus. It can stretch and strengthen muscle, sinew and bones, as well as improving conditioning.  Inherent to the Spear form is the development of Fa Jing , or Internal Power.

Lincoln High School Students, Still Going Strong

2018 is off to a great start! I truly enjoy my journey in Tai Chi Chuan. Not only learning but also by teaching. When a student tells me how his/or health improved since starting Tai Chi that really makes me feel good! When a teenager says that his or her grades improved because of Tai Chi... well, that’s something! To me that is very rewarding . The word is out and more people show interest in taking classes.

At Lincoln High School I see more students signing up for the Tai Chi classes.  I see a strong demand for our Spear classes that just started.

I am very excited to see students enjoying themselves and eager to learn more about this ancient martial arts art form.

That's a wrap, 2017!

017 ...What a fantastic year!!!
Oftentimes I get asked why I feel so passionate about Tai Chi. The answer is very simple, it is how it makes me feel!!! It is this excitement that I like to share with my students. This is also the reason I added an additional class in Troy, Michigan. Students are eager to learn and love to come to class. Troy is a great location and easy to access.
The beauty of Tai Chi can be appreciated by many. As an instructor it gives me great satisfaction when I can put a smile on my students, even after a 90 minutes class😊
Wishing every a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays,  and a Happy Tai Chi Chuan!!!