The Training Never Stops

Tai Chi Chuan is a Martial Art! Many health benefits are derived from practicing Tai Chi. A lot of people enjoy the many aspects of this ancient art form. I especially am drawn to the martial application. 

Push Hands, a two person drill, is the ultimate challenge. Here you test your skills in regards to balance, relaxed coordination, and martial application. 

I had the honor to participate in a special workshop instructed by a very talented martial artist, Senior Instructor Chen Huixian, teaching Chen Style Tai Chi. A good martial artist should be able to adopt to any form or discipline of martial art. It not only challenges your body, but also your mind. The principles are the same, only the forms and applications change. 

It is good to step out of one’s comfort zone to experience something new. I always walk away with some pointers that greatly benefit my training, and am happy to share it with my students.  Never stop learning