Interactive Presentation for Students at Bloomfield Hills High School

I was invited to present Tai Chi to a roomful of juniors and seniors last week at Bloomfield Hills High School.

After a short introduction and overview of the history of Wu Style Tai Chi, I performed part of the 108 Hand Form. Chinese string music was played in the background.

Before the audience got too comfortable I asked them to get up and learn some basic Tai Chi moves. Even taking a single step forward brought giggles and laughter out of some. Balancing on one foot wasn't that easy after all! It may even have been slightly frustrating at first. But before long, the students learned the first five movements of the Hand Form.

A new appreciation was discovered for this Ancient art form. An intended 45 minute presentation turned into 90 minutes. It was truly an enjoyable event and several students expressed interest in signing up for Beginner Tai Chi classes.