Lincoln High Schoolers

Off to a great start teaching Wu Style Tai Chi to young people at Lincoln High School in Warren, Michigan.  I am so proud of them, staying after school to learn this ancient art form . This is the second year that I was invited back to teach Tai Chi and QiGong year around at Lincoln High. It amazes me how quickly students learn.  When asked what it takes to become a Tai Chi instructor that tells me how Tai Chi already changed the life of some of the students. Just an awesome group!

Autumn: My Favorite Time of the Year

Autumn is my favorite time of the year. I enjoy visiting local cider mills and drinking freshly pressed apple cider as well as tasting delicious warm donuts. They never taste as good as on a cool sunny autumn day.  Blake’s cider mill is a tradition. What a beautiful background for some healthy Tai Chi forms. Nothing beats inhaling fresh clean air. Combining that with some deep breathing exercises is priceless.

Grandmaster Wu Kwong Yu (Eddie) visits Motor City

Grandmaster Wu Kwong Yu visited on Friday, September 22, and held a special advanced Tai Chi workshop in Metro Detroit. This special workshop was for disciples of the Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan Federation. Topics included form refinement, breathing exercises, also known as Qi Gong exercises, as well deeper understanding of Chi development. It was a demanding seminar,  and as always, Grandmaster Wu makes it look so easy. We are very fortunate that Master Wu takes time out of his busy schedule to visit with us.