Lincoln High School Students, Still Going Strong

2018 is off to a great start! I truly enjoy my journey in Tai Chi Chuan. Not only learning but also by teaching. When a student tells me how his/or health improved since starting Tai Chi that really makes me feel good! When a teenager says that his or her grades improved because of Tai Chi... well, that’s something! To me that is very rewarding . The word is out and more people show interest in taking classes.

At Lincoln High School I see more students signing up for the Tai Chi classes.  I see a strong demand for our Spear classes that just started.

I am very excited to see students enjoying themselves and eager to learn more about this ancient martial arts art form.

That's a wrap, 2017!

017 ...What a fantastic year!!!
Oftentimes I get asked why I feel so passionate about Tai Chi. The answer is very simple, it is how it makes me feel!!! It is this excitement that I like to share with my students. This is also the reason I added an additional class in Troy, Michigan. Students are eager to learn and love to come to class. Troy is a great location and easy to access.
The beauty of Tai Chi can be appreciated by many. As an instructor it gives me great satisfaction when I can put a smile on my students, even after a 90 minutes class😊
Wishing every a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays,  and a Happy Tai Chi Chuan!!!


Lincoln High Schoolers

Off to a great start teaching Wu Style Tai Chi to young people at Lincoln High School in Warren, Michigan.  I am so proud of them, staying after school to learn this ancient art form . This is the second year that I was invited back to teach Tai Chi and QiGong year around at Lincoln High. It amazes me how quickly students learn.  When asked what it takes to become a Tai Chi instructor that tells me how Tai Chi already changed the life of some of the students. Just an awesome group!