Lessons in the Park in Dallas, TX

It never seizes to amaze me how people embrace new things. On a recent trip to visit my daughter in Dallas she mentioned to her friends that I am a Tai Chi instructor. The immediate response she got from her friends was ...”Tai Chi, can he teach me? I want to learn what Tai Chi is all about!” I was more than happy to make time on a beautiful Sunday morning and afternoon to introduce some basic Tai Chi movements. It was my pleasure to be able to share my passion with interested people from all walks of life in beautiful park settings in Dallas, Texas.
Can’t wait to my next visit 😊

MCTC Partners with Detroit Public Library

Motor City Tai Chi is extremely thankful to have been selected to teach Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan at the Detroit Public Library in Midtown Detroit. I was amazed by the amount of students that showed. The attendance is increasing week after week. Already after the first class students shared with the group the positive effects Tai Chi  : “I haven’t felt so good in years!”; “Tai Chi touched me at a very emotional level “; were some of the comments. I am extremely happy to be able to share the Tai Chi experience.