Peter Beswerchij began studying Tai Chi Chuan in 2008. The late Sifu Stephen Britt+ and Sifu Michael Ashmore first introduced Peter to this ancient art form.

As a teenager Peter was fascinated with martial arts and Asian cultures. At the age of eighteen he spent several months living in Okinawa, Japan with local families learning their way of life and training for his Sho Dan Black belt. He has practiced and taught Okinawan Karate ever since.

Peter's curiosity with Asian culture was ignited again in 2008 when attending an introductory session for Tai Chi. In 2010 he was invited to become a Disciple of Sifu Michael Ashmore, who is a Disciple of Grand Master Eddie Wu. 

Currently teaching Tai Chi Chuan out of Troy, Michigan at the Balkan American Community Center, and Downtown Detroit by appointment.